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Choose Best Hotels in Amritsar

The Monsoon is already with us. The killing heat and humid weather are claiming all our energy and leaving us dreadful to do any other thing, let alone exploring places like Amritsar on your vacations is a different thing altogether. Since Amritsar is often regarded as the bedrock of Sikhism, and the home of ‘The Golden Temple’ and other historical attractions - it’s good to book the best hotel in Amritsar to protect yourself from the scorching heat and rejuvenate yourself with the energy to experience the amazing aura and spiritual ambiance in Golden Temple during the evening, or night, which often attracts more tourists than the day during the summers. If you know the importance of this holy temple among the people of all faiths, then you know people don't really care for the heat when they want to offer their prayers and want to take a holy dip in the ‘Sarovar'. They arrive at the city and wait for the dusk so they can leave their hotels and immerse with the Almighty in the temple. Never miss a good chance to have a visit of this holy city with the assistance of hotel Aman residency. Just plan out your trip to Amritsar and have a precious time here, we will assist you to make your memories best.

Budget 3 star Hotel Nearest Golden Temple in Amritsar

If you are also planning, and are ready to beat the heat, then look for 3 Star hotel in Amritsar because of its amazing comforts and food to help you restore your energy to pay your homage to the Holy Temple and also visit other holy places with full enthusiasm because you know the comfort of your hotel is waiting for you, no matter how much tired you become. A lot of people plan to see the city’s main attractions in evening. For instance, The Jallianwala Bagh, which tells the horrific story of 1919 massacre, is situated at the walking distance from The Harmandir Sahib. You can plan to visit the Bagh first as it closes before the sun sets and after paying your homage to the souls who lost their lives on the terrible day that shook the mankind, you can move to The Golden Temple before exploring the different shops that entice you to do shopping. The attractions don’t stop here. You can visit The Mata Temple, Durgiana Temple etc. that are considered holy places by the believers and a lot of people from different faiths visit there regularly. The aura can tickle your heart and you may want to stay there for few days. A lot of tourists prefer hotel nearest The Golden Temple because there are too many options to eat and the vibrant colors to experience all day long. Look for the hotel that has to offer you not only comfortable beds with super-soft cushions/mattress, but also provide great dining facilities.